Be a Part of the Inaugural Vocationing Club!

Are you a New Yorker burned out in your job?  Lacking overall fulfillment?  Well, let
VocationVacations help you turn that around in 2008!

They are launching a national Vocationing Club based on
VocationVacations’ founder
Brian Kurth’s book,
releases in January 2008.  New York City will be their launching pad for the Vocationing
Club.  As such, we will provide five different NYC-area
VocationVacations for free to five
lucky people.  Perhaps you will be one of the lucky winners!

The five free VocationVacations are:

As a Vocationing Club inaugural member, you will meet for breakfast once a week for
eight weeks to team-up with four other Vocationing Club members so, together, you will
go through the eight steps of the Vocationing process as laid out in

  1. Define Your Dream Job(s) – Week of January 21
  2. Address Your Fears (Financial insecurity, family disruption, fear of failure, etc.) –
    Week of January 28
  3. Do Your Research – Week of February 4
  4. Find a Mentor (we will have done this for you as you will be one of the lucky five
    inaugural Vocationing Club members) – Week of February 11
  5. Test-Drive Your Dream Job in one of the aforesaid mentioned VocationVacations
    – Week of February 18
  6. Create an Action Plan – Week of February 25
  7. Establish Thresholds – Week of March 3
  8. Think Big, Start Small: You’re set to pursue your dream job!  – Week of March 10

When and where will the Vocationing Club meet?

    Tuesday mornings at 7am at a Midtown Manhattan diner.  A great way to start your

Each of the five Vocationing Club inaugural members will receive:  

  • A free copy of TEST-DRIVE YOUR DREAM JOB.
  • A resource outline on how to utilize the book and form a strong and supportive
    Vocationing Club.
  • A free NYC-area VocationVacation (including the online MBTI assessment, career
    coaching and one-on-one mentorship for 2 days).
  • At least one in-person meeting(s) with VocationVacations’ founder, Brian Kurth.  
  • Eight diner breakfasts with your Vocationing Club members.
  • Note:  Travel or accommodations are NOT included.

The following is the general criteria for submission and being named one of the
inaugural club members:

  • You must live in or around NYC and be able to firmly commit to meeting with the
    Vocationing Club on a weekly basis at 7am on Tuesdays.
  • You must be committed to seeking change in your life and, hence, the
    Vocationing process.
  • You must be currently burned out in your current job or unemployed and looking
    to seek out your potential dream career in one of the five specific vocations we
    are providing in the launch of the Vocationing Club.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • You must be physically able to work in your dream job.
  • You will need to sign a liability release.
  • You must be completely open to all forms of media including regional and
    national television.

Vocationer Submission Process - Please send the following information to with the subject line being “NYC Vocationer
Club Submission”:

  • A 250-word, brief essay as to why you should be chosen as an inaugural
    Vocationing Club member.  This can either be in the email text or in a separate,
    attached word document.
  • A note as to which of the five VocationVacations are you most interested in and
  • Your name, address, email, phone numbers and a brief title and/or description of
    what you do for a living today.
  • Submissions will be accepted from December 4 through December 31, 2007.

The five inaugural members will be chosen based on their essays.
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